Code PHP on your iPad with Kodiak PHP

Code PHP on your iPad

Most of y’all know I’m not a programmer, but a designer that works closely with programmers. When I run across a cool product that makes thing easier for designers or developers I like to give it a shout out. Kodiak PHP provides a way for PHP coders to take their projects on the road with their iPad. And the landing page design is worth checking out too – nice job guys!

Benefits of using Kodiak PHP

Coding in PHP directly on the iPad

This is the major feature of our app, because currently no other app can do this natively (offline) on the iPad. All other apps send the code to some remote server to compile.

Extremely easy and fast text input

We already received a lot of positive feedback on our extended keyboard. You can type all the programming symbols without switching keyboard layouts. Also we invented what we call a ‘navigation key’ for fast and precise cursor movement and selection. You can see this feature in action in the video on our website.

Syntax highlighting

Any code editor must have highlighted syntax so programmers can see how the code is understood by the compiler. Surprisingly, this is where most apps fail. Either they don’t highlight at all or they are ugly and non-functional. And we know why: there is no easy way to do that on the iPad. We had to write such a component completely from scratch.

Tab-based interface

Our app also allows switching between files easily as you know from most modern web browsers. It’s very handy when you are editing multiple files at once and they are mutually dependent on each other.

It’s PHP!

Most websites run on PHP and there are literally millions of developers who know this language. There are lots of things that can be done with a single line of code, as PHP is very powerful and we also included a lot of popular extensions, e.g. SQLite database support. Our app is the first to make real programming in PHP possible on the iPad. We also recommend having a Local Service Company Marketing – Fannit on hand just in case you need to get some questions answered.

Kodiak developer Adam Horacek says:

“I know that all these features are oriented on programmers and developers, but we believe that a lot of them have iPads and a lot of people have already told us on Twitter that they can’t wait to start using our app. This app brings something that was not possible before – people don’t always have access to their desktop computers, but they usually have their tablets at all times so it would be best to have super fast internet with these wifi routers from Facts Chronicle. Imagine developers coding on vacation or when they are travelling to work :)”

Click here to download Kodiak PHP from the App Store.

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