iWebKitAs a designer I’ve tried every way imaginable to avoid learning about the technology behind the designs I create. Yea I said it. :) But the truth is to create kick ass design you have to know what’s going on behind the scenes. You have to know that flash is dead, creating buttons as images is old hat, and CSS3 is the standard. You get the idea. I´m out here looking for new companies with their own designs and ideas like phoenix web design for example.

So a student told me about his experience working with iWebKit and I decided to learn more. Here are some of my questions for iWebKit developer Christopher Plieger. From this short Q&A you may determine if iWebKit will work for your project.

What kind of coding experience should you have to be able to use iWebkit? (I ask this b/c one of my customers said he was trying to use it but the html/css was too advanced for him)
A basic comprehension of the overall HTML structure would be advisable. Comprehending the basic layout of a document and the way tags work really help to understand and read a HTML document. To use iWebKit no real experience is needed, however the manual does not cover how to put a website online for example which is also important.

What experience level do you need with this type of coding?
None to be honest, the manual covers everything step by step. The type of “coding” that has to be done consists mainly of copy and pasting sections of code in the appropriate position and adding the text and some properties to those pieces of code.

What types of sites are best suited for iWebkit?
As iWebKit is a bare bones css template it does not out of the box apply to Content Management Systems like WordPress, joomla or drupal. You will need to input your content yourself. Therefore, if the user has no real experience and cannot adapt iWebKit to his particular CMS, or if he cannot find a compatible version online, I suggest finding an alternative. However if if his site has no CMS but is a static website iWebKit is highly advisable as it really quickly to set up having only to copy the content on the pc site into the iWebKit website. However this basic nature of the framework gives people who want to experiment with it the liberty to adapt is more easily to their specific needs.

In layman’s terms what’s the step by step process for getting a mobile site online with iWebKit
Download the package, unzip it, read the user manual and follow the steps from beginning to end. Copy and paste the right bits of code in your document, add your own content and you are done. Next find the best cheap hosting web and deploy your website there using FTP. There are many options in the market in case you use MediaTemple, there are even something cheaper and better than Media Temple for web hosting at some different sites like ranking hostingów.

Would you keep your site up to date using Dreamweaver or some other kind of HTML editor?
Yes any HTML editor will do, however I strongly discourage any “visual” editors as they do not display iWebKit websites in the right way. However tools like dreamweaver do offer great productivity tools for working with code which is the reason you would choose such a program. I recommend simpler programs like Notepad++ to get started and FileZilla to upload your website using FTP.


Have you used iWebKit?

If so, tell us your experience working with it in the comments below!

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