iOS Icon Design Course

This course teaches you how to crush your competition by designing a killer icon for your application.

What is the first thing your potential customer sees before buying your app? Yep – you icon! This is your first chance to scare off or attract new customers. In this course I’ll teach you how to create an icon that will make them tap through for more.

Who this Course is for:

This course is for designers, developers and entrepreneurs who have beginner level Photoshop skills, a copy of Photoshop CS3+ and a desire to create a great looking icon for their application.

Who this Course is NOT for:

This course does teach icon design fundamentals that do not require a copy of Photoshop, but to get the most out of this course it is recommended that you have a copy of Photoshop to work through the hands-on lessons. All templates are also in Pixelmator format, however all of the lessons are taught using Photoshop.

What you will learn:

In this course you will learn techniques for creating app icons that have unique visual appeal and the ability to communicate the functionality and personality of your application. With each lesson comes an assignment where you will take action on creating an actual application icon. At the end of the course you will have one complete, app icon.

Included in this course is a huge assortment of icon templates. You can start your icon from scratch, or use one of these templates to jump start your design process.

You leave the class with:

At the end of this course you will have one complete application icon design.

Create your iOS App Icon in 7 Days

Day 1: Inspiration and specifications. On Day 1 we’ll dive into Lessons 1 and 2 of the course where we’ll look at what visual elements are at play in successful icon design. Then we’ll talk about the nuts and bolts of creating icons that are the proper size, resolution for the device you’re targeting.

Day 2: Defining a Concept and Visual Metaphors. One of the big takeaways you’ll find from Day 1 is that almost all successful icons use visual metaphors and concepts that draw on the user’s perception of those symbols and the functionality of the application. In this lesson I’ll teach you how to create visual metaphors for your own application and application icon.

Day 3: Graphical Continuity and Authenticity. In lessons 5 and 6 we’re going to dig into your customer’s expectations, and how to meet those expectations. I’ll talk about the importance of the icon “matching” the application and how to make sure your icon doesn’t over promise and under deliver.

Day 4: Testing your Icon Design. This is one of the most overlooked design tricks when you’re creating an application icon. It is impossible to totally understand how your icon will look without previewing it on a device. In this lesson I’ll teach you how to do this.

Day 5: Using attractive imagery. In Lesson 8 we’ll talk about what types of images attract the human eye, and how to incorporate those into your icon design.

Day 6: Branding. In Lesson 9 we’ll talk about the importance of capitalizing on any level of brand equity your application may already have. We’ll also discuss how, if your application is not a well known brand, how to best establish your app’s “brand” in the App Store.

Day 7: The icon grid. In Lesson 10 we’ll look at the variety of ways customers come into contact with your icon, and how to design an icon that stand out no matter the device, screen resolutions or grid it’s being viewed.

Lessons Include:

Ever see an icon that really caught your eye? Ever wonder exactly what it was that made that icon stand out? We’ll cover that and more in this lesson where we get some icon design inspiration.
In this lesson we will review all iOS icon specifications and why they’re important to learn. This is a list you will reference in the future.
Learn how to make your icon more meaningful by using visual metaphors.
This lesson will teach you how to envelop your application and icon in a concept that is meaningful to the apps functionality.
Here we’ll look at some app icons that do not accurately express the quality or content of the app.
In this lesson we’ll talk about the importance of having an icon that matches the app graphics.
In this lesson I’ll introduce you to tools that will help you preview your icon design on actual devices.
In this lesson we’ll talk about types of imagery that visitors will find attractive.
This lesson discusses how to capitalize on any brand equity you may already have with your app.
The grid of icons in the App Store can be your best friend or worst enemy. In this lesson I’ll explain how to stand out from the crowd.

iOS Icon Design Course

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