iPad App Design Course

This mini-course will show you how to customize the included Photoshop templates for your app's design.

Looking to get a jump start on your iPad app design? This mini course includes a full set of iPad design templates (retina and non-retina) and video lessons on the quickest way to get started on your app design.

Who this Course is for:

This class is ONLY for people who have at least a beginner level knowledge of Photoshop. Without basic Photoshop skills, you will not be able to manipulate the design templates.

Who this Course is not for:

People who have a casual interest in iPad app design, or no knowledge of Photoshop. You may be able to carry over some skills from other image editing programs, but know that all lessons in this course are centered around Photoshop.

Lessons Include:

This lesson will give you a tour of the iPad design files, showing you what is included and how to customize the files.
This lesson will teach you how to customize the tab bar with an image.
In this lesson you will learn how to create a custom background for your iPad app.
In this lesson I’ll teach you how to create a cool custom tab bar with active and inactive state buttons.

iPad App Design Course

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