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iPhone App Design Course

This course is for anyone with beginner-level knowledge of Photoshop. From this class you will learn the comprehensive process of iPhone app design, including prototyping, user experience design, interaction design and visual design where you will learn to make your app pretty in 7 days. More info >

iPhone Game Design Course

This course is for designers and developers who want to learn how to design an iPhone game that looks great, plays well and has a viral appeal. In this course you will learn what goes into a successful game, and learn how to apply those techniques to your own design.More info >

Learn to Design and Sell Mobile Themes

Ever wanted to make passive income creating and selling mobile app themes? In this course I’ll teach you everything you need to know to make side cash designing themes for iPhone and iPad. More info >

Landing Page Design Course

This course is for developers, entrepreneurs and marketers who want to quickly optimize their landing pages for higher conversions using pre-designed Photoshop templates. The HD video training teaches you to use the pre-designed Photoshop resources to rapidly design beautiful landing pages. More info >

Xcode and Custom Graphics Course

This course is for developers who want to create an iOS interface with a unique look and feel. XCode projects are provided as examples to further explain the process of developing custom elements. Each lesson will teach you how the code is implemented within an app’s interface. You’ll learn how to code custom iOS tab bars, navigation bars, list views, and custom iOS buttons. More info >

iOS Icon Design Course

What is the first thing your potential customer sees before buying your app? Yep – you icon! This is your first chance to scare off or attract new customers. In this course I’ll teach you how to create an icon that will make them tap through for more. More info >

iPad App Design Course

Looking to get a jump start on your iPad app design? This mini course includes a full set of iPad design templates (retina and non-retina) and video lessons on the quickest way to get started on your app design. More info >

Glyph Icon Design Course

It’s easy to find cheap icons on the web. What isn’t easy to find is a collection of pixel-perfect, mobile-centric icons that are optimized for both 1st Gen and retina screens. As an added bonus, the icon files are in both Photoshop AND Pixelmator formats! You can easily download these glyph icons for any of your mobile app projects – whether it be iPhone, iPad, or Android. All icons are… More info >

Build Landing Pages using Unbounce

Testing your webpage to sell more stuff sounds great, but how is it done when you have zero programming knowledge? I had this very question and began using a split testing and landing page publishing tool Unbounce a couple of years ago. I love it and have created this free course to show you how it works.More info >

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