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Xcode and Custom Graphics Course

This 4-day course will teach you how to create custom graphics for your application. Lessons include instruction on creating custom buttons, tab bars, nav bars and list views.

This course is for developers who want to create an iOS interface with a unique look and feel. XCode projects are provided as examples to further explain the process of developing custom elements. Each lesson will teach you how the code is implemented within an app’s interface. You’ll learn how to code custom iOS tab bars, navigation bars, list views, and custom iOS buttons.

    Get Xcode project files with all Lessons
    Each lesson not only teaches you how to code the custom graphics, you also get fully functioning project files.
    All PNG's are sliced and ready to go!
    All graphics needed for the training are already sliced so you can jump right into the code.
  • LESSON 1
    Coding a Custom TabBar
    This lesson will teach you how to code a Tabbar with custom images and graphics.
  • LESSON 2
    Coding a custom Navigation Bar
    Learn how to create the code necessary for a custom navigation bar.
  • LESSON 3
    Coding a custom List View
    List views are fun to customize with cool graphics. Learn how to code these graphics to give your app a premium appeal.
  • LESSON 4
    Coding custom Buttons
    Learn how to create custom and scalable buttons for your app.

Each lesson includes:

  1. Written (not video) instruction on how to write the code
  2. An example XCode project with the code already written

Who is this course for?

Developers with beginner level knowledge of Xcode, and a desire to improve their iPhone or iPad app GUI are the best fit for this course.

Who is this course not for?

This course is not designed for those who do not have beginner level knowledge of Xcode.

Frequently Asked Questions

This course will teach you how to code custom graphics for your TabBar, NavBar, List view and Buttons. It does not teach coding techniques beyond these custom graphics elements.
Yes, even though the documentation is copyrighted 2011, the code was just updated to the latest Xcode 4.
Yes. This training will teach you techniques that will apply for both iPhone and iPad app development.
Unfortunately I’m just a designer. I hired a talented developer friend of mine to create these files and training for you, so if you have questions I’m afraid I can’t help. One place I recommend you check out is an active iOS dev forum on Google groups.
The code is updated with each new release of Xcode, and is currently Xcode 4 ready.
If this FAQ didn’t scratch your itch, click here to send me an email.

Xcode and Custom Graphics Course

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