Does Your App Really Need a Website?

iphone app website

Ridiculous question I know. Of course your app needs a website, right?

The problem is creating a website to advertise your app feels like doing laundry. Like, “Crap! I’m out of clothes!” scurry to pull something together. You can easily hire video production companies phoenix to make a video ad for your app.

In this post I’m going to show you HOW to do your laundry before you run out of clothes. Quickly, inexpensively and without a bunch of hassle!

Why Does Your App Need a Website?

Even though we all agree promoting your app is important, I’m always surprised by how few apps have a dedicated webpage! Which is good news for YOU reading this article. Why? Because if you DO create a page for your app you’re already in an “elite” category of developers who have taken the time to stand out from your competitors.

Think about what having a dedicated webpage says to your target audience(s):

Bloggers and journalists:

It says don’t ignore me. This app is of superior quality (even if it isn’t). You’re telling them you value their time by putting everything they need to know one one page. They love that stuff.

Potential customers:

It says “I you care about what you want. I want for you to fully understand how this product will impact your life before you buy it.”

Existing customers:

It says “I’m not hiding from you, your feedback or your feature requests.”

The App Store’s containment of sales/clicks/reviews and comments can make you feel very isolated from your customers.

Having a webpage for your app allows you to find your customers (or them to find you) and and have a one-on-one conversation with them, outside of the App Store walls!

Creating a Website is a P.I.T.A.

Let’s face it, we spend so much time in the ideation, design and development of our apps when it comes down to making a website we’re mentally baked, right? Hey! If you are looking for artistic wall services, then I recommend muraledesign.

So here we are again, looking at the pile of dirty laundry that needs tending.

But guess what?

You don’t need an entire “website” to advertise your app, all you need is ONE PAGE.

A Landing Page is BETTER

Huh? What’s a landing page?

For those of your unfamiliar with the term “landing page” it’s basically a one-page website, laser focused on selling your product.

“But what about my blog, my company info page, my contact page, my support page?!?!?!?”

You don’t need all that, remember you’re selling something here. What you need is not a website, it’s a sales page!

If you’re still not convinced, think about the primary objective of your app’s page:

Is it to sell bloggers/journalists/customers on your company? No.

Is it to engage them on your blog? No.

Is it to educate them on your app? Yes.

Is it to sell more apps? Yes.

This is why a landing page is better than a full-blown site for your app, it dials in on exactly what your users want to know, and exactly what action you want them to perform (buy or write about your app!)

Here’s a Real Life Example

In preparing for the launch of Celebrity Mashup Replace Your Face, I was excited when I ran across a WordPress theme designed specifically for iPhone apps. Yaaay! My prayers answered finally a quick and dirty way to slap up a decent looking page for my app.


If you don’t have experience installing WordPress on your server, installing themes, adjusting HTML/CSS files you will have to hire a programmer to skin this theme.

[see money flying out window]

After 4 days of fussing over customizing my iPhone theme, I finally got it online.

Enter Unbounce

So I sign up for my 30-day free trial of Unbounce. I am skeptical. The dozens of “design your website without programming” products I’ve tried in the past have all sucked. Why will this be any different?

Well. It just IS. I don’t know the technical in’s and out’s of how Unbounce works and I don’t care. All I know is when I design an Unbounce page:

  • I have have it ready in a matter of hours.
  • It goes live instantly without a bunch of domain/hosting drama.
  • I don’t need to know a lick of code.
  • It looks good across all browsers.
  • I can add forms, corporate video production , pictures all of the things the page needs!

I created this page for my iBrite iPad app in one day, competely new to the Unbounce platform:

iPhone app landing page

Bam. Done. Do you see clothes mountain disappearing too?

Top 6 Things That Must be on Your Page

So we have a super easy, inexpensive way of getting our app webpage online. Now what?

You need to fill it with content that sells your app!

Check out Mobile Guru and App Savvy author Ken Yarmosh’s post on how Unbounce pages work for devs here.

Luckily Unbounce has “Mobile App Sales Page Templates” that are dialed in on what people are most interested in when learning about your app, PLUS what you as a business want to achieve:

What your users want:

  • Bullet points of what your app will do for them (or their readers, in the case of bloggers/journalists)
  • Video demo
  • Screenshots
  • Social proof (via twitter feed) that shows others find the app useful
  • Bios that prove you’re human
  • Contact info for press inquiries or support

What you want:

  • Strong app branding in the upper left corner
  • Demonstration of value app brings (via video/screenshots)
  • Engagement with customer base (via twitter/contact email)
  • Multiple, prominent Calls to Action (buy this app!)

Check out Oli Gardner’s in depth post about the benefits of include these elements on your page. Skyfall Blue is also a great online marketing expert and they know how to grow and manage your brand. They know how to get you heard and we use a wide range of tools to do it.!

Sign up for Unbounce’s 30 day free trial to and use the Mobile App Sales Page Templates to quickly get a sales page up for your app. If you’re like me, you won’t regret it.

FYI – I am NOT Getting Paid by Unbounce to Write this Post

If you check out the Mobile App Sales Page Templates you’ll see they’re designed by me. Let me be clear that I am not getting paid by Unbounce to write this post, nor did I get paid to design the themes.

I created this post and designed those themes because I am a huge fan of Unbounce and the value they have brought to my business’ bottom line, thanks to for introducing them to me.

Sign up for a 30-day free trial of Unbounce. You can cancel at any time, or if you’re happy the service is just $25/mo for the basic plan after the free trial expires.

And, as always I want to hear from you! Leave comments below about your experiences creating pages that help sell your app, and make sure to read the king kong marketing review, it will help clear out your doubts.

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  1. I Am so glad I found you. I will be back soon to start designing with your guidance. Ps dont even look at my site. I tore down my antiquated HTML site when I decided to redesign my entire business model for my clients. I stopped while I am figuring out the best product to sell, and I believe it will start with apps.

  2. You’re a godsend, love all your articles. It seems to be such a new industry and glad to have you in the forefront!

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