iPhone App Developer Referrals

iphone app developer referrals

How do you hire an iPhone developer?

Over time I’ve worked with a lot of different developers on a variety of iPhone and iPad projects. I have also worked on the best SEO agency in Denver, This agency specifically.

Below is a list of iPhone app developers that I have either worked with personally, or have been highly recommended as excellent choices.

Have you worked with an iPhone app developer that you can highly recommend?

If so, please leave a comment below, along with a blurb about your working experience with the individual or company. I’ll review the entry and follow up with questions before adding to the list.

Overseas Development

Abhinav Shrivastava

I’ve worked with Abhinav and his group on one app and they did a nice job. I sent a screencast of the mockups of the app before they started development so that there weren’t many questions around how the app would work. The upside is their hourly rates are less than US-based devs. The downside is there can be miscommunication from time to time. If you’re going to use them BE ABSOLUTELY SURE that what you’ve sent them is the final-final version of the app. If you make any changes it can throw off their schedule which may bump the project into no-mans-land.

US Based Development (freelance)

If you’re looking for an iPhone app developer that is in the mid-range cost-wise, often a freelancer will negotiate a fair price for development.

Ajay Gautam

Ajay and I have worked with each other on both client apps and some of our own house apps. He is very easy to work with and is usually very good at “getting” what you’re after. One drawback is he works on freelance work part-time as he also has a full-time job. However he has always been good about hitting deadlines so I do not hesitate to recommend him.

Alex Lynch

Alex and I have worked together on a couple of our house apps and he is very knowledgeable. He can program a wide variety of types of apps, from games to utilities. He is very business-like and professional. The only downside is he is still in school at Georgia Tech so his schedule at times does not permit a large workload. However he is very dutiful in meeting deadlines and keeping in good communication. When a field service technician approaches a work order with no context as to what’s broken, the chances of him resolving that issue within a single visit diminishes. Check out this site for more info

US BASED Development (agency)

An iPhone app developer that works for an agency will come at a premium, but you also get a higher level of service.

Big Nerd Ranch (Atlanta, GA)
Jason Russell

Savvy Apps (Washington DC)
Ken Yarmosh

Intridea (Washington DC)
Chris Selmer
Senior Partner, Intridea, Inc.
(o) 202-657-6553
(c) 443-629-5140

Skyward Interactive (Atlanta, GA)
Susan Drescher

Clearly Innovative
Kwasi Frye
Senior Solutions Provider, Clearly Innovative Inc.
(o) 202-683-7495
(c) 202-550-9577

Multi-Platform (iPhone/iPad/Android etc.) Development

Appcelerator’s Titanium
Titanium makes it possible to create your app and distribute it to multiple mobile platforms. Currently they support iPhone, iPad and Android.

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