iPhone App Designers for Hire

iphone app designerIf you have no knowledge of Photoshop and no desire to learn, hiring a designer to work on your iPhone app design or website design may be your next step.

Below I’ve listed many designers who I have either worked with personally, or reviewed their portfolio for quality and relevance.

That said, I cannot vouch for the quality of communication, organization or workload any of these designers may currently be experiencing. Interview your candidates carefully before making a hire!

Sites where Designers Hang Out



Mobile User Experience Designers

Alex Komarov (specializes in mobile UX)

Alex and I have collaborated informally on a project and he is absolutely top of the line with regard to design for mobile. His specialty is interaction design, but he also works with a graphic artist to bring his work to life. Interaction design is a huge part of designing for mobile so I always recommend people at least talk to Alex to get a feel for how he can help.

Katie Leonard

Katie and I worked together on a project for Home Depot. She is an outstanding user experience designer and has extensive background working in mobile. Highly recommend.

Mobile User Interface Designers

Richard Cornish
(630) 890-3916

Dustin Tanner

Morgan Knutson

Jeremy Mitchell

Jeremy and I have worked together on projects in the past and he’s most recently started designing for iPhone. You can see from his  portfolio he’s got a great handle on aesthetics.

Thomas Ricciardiello

Andy Smart

Matej Hrescak

Robin Raszka

Shawna Hein

Benjamin De Cock

Icon Designers

Denis Kortunov

Maximilian Schoening

Jojo Mendoza

Website Designers

Jake Moore

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