iPhone App Marketing Resources

iphone app marketing resources
There are plenty of articles on iphone app marketing for those who want to take the DIY approach to app marketing. Even if you have no plan to market app, marketing skills are always needed, marketing signs, cars with a cheap motor trade insurance, restaurants, whatever you can imagine. You can use marketing skill everywhere.

But what if healthcare marketing agency want to outsource the job to a professional? Or get guidance on your app idea before you put a lot of cash down on a developer? There is also cheaper ways to market, for example Facebook Quizzes.

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This is a curated list of app marketing specialists that I have either worked with personally, or have been referred to in the past.

iPhone App Marketers

Aaron Watkins
Co-Founder and CEO, Appency

Aaron and I have worked on launches for several apps. He gets the job done and has a variety of marketing/PR packages to choose from based on your budget.

Brian Akaka
CEO, Appular

Brian and I have spoken on several occasions about different projects but haven’t gotten the chance to work together yet. But one to interview for sure.

Oren Todoros
CEO & Co-Founder

Oren and I have not worked together on a specific app marketing project, but he’s very active in the LinkedIn App Store Marketing group: And posts a lot of useful content.

Matt Palmer
Marketing Your App

Marketing Your App ( offers app marketing resources and services, including App Store optimization, press release writing, online tools, and consultations. With SEO Expert Success Strategy Sessions, developers talk one-on-one with experienced app developer, author, and speaker Jesse Waites to create a plan for App Store success. Clients can focus on the topics they most want expert help with, including pre-launch strategy, App Store SEO, marketing, and more. For more information, please see or contact also, make sure to check leveling up Chicago where you will fin more information about marketing strategies.

Gary Yentin
App Promo

Who do you recommend?

Have you had a positive experience with an app marketer you can share? Leave a comment below and I’ll add them to the list!

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