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The iPhone App WordPress Theme is undergoing a major update, and I’d like your feedback on the features we add. Cast your vote below:

Make this plugin a full theme:

Make it where I can sell my iPad app:

Make it where I can sell my Android app:

I want for it to stay a one-page plugin.

Leave a comment below if you have other feature requests to suggest!

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  1. Making it a theme would be better woulf like to add widgets for twitter/facebook and some adverts related to the app

  2. Jen, how about a nice looking iphone 5 in place of the iphone 4:) Would be perfect.

  3. Cool improvements would be: 1. Having the iPhone screen default to one of the screens rather than starting on the lock screen. 2. Having the option of automatic scrolling through the screenshots rather than the user having to select each screen. 3. The option of tying in a mailing list tool like Mail Chimp. 4. Being able to set it up to highlight more than 1 app – a way for the user to pick an app and see a one page summary for each app.

    It’s very useful the way it is right now, but thanks for any updates in the future!

    • 1. def being fixed
      2. this has been discussed as a UX improvement
      3. would love to integrate mailchimp as well
      4. yes the idea is with a theme you could navigate to multiple “app pages”

  4. Does the theme have a mobile version? If no, that could be really helpful. I’m always hitting ‘more’ links in ios apps that link to a developer’s page where they sell me another app.

  5. Options for Landscape and iPad would be nice. Also, I think it would be nice to have an image on the phone even before the user hovers over a picture.

    • yes the hover image is being fixed for sure as is the portrait/landscape options. hopefully adding ipad support.

  6. To be able to show video in the iPhone view. More colour customisation on the buttons.
    Looking forward to this

      • Yes and a high impact promo video; Have support for multiple videos inside a iphone frame on a single page.

    • yep – like the “video over the phone” idea and def want to work toward a responsive version of the theme.

  7. I’d suggest an option of being able to add 4 download icons/app store links.
    Some apps have multiple platform support and/or multiple app store presence.

  8. Hi Jen, thanks for the great plugin! And cool of you to ask for feature requests this way. We’ve had tremendous success in the Netherlands with the “Verkiezingen 2012-app” ( and are now trying to conquer the US with the “Elections 2012 App” ( Your plugin is the best free plugin/theme I could find, and it got us a lot of positive feedback. Keep it up!


    • nice! just fyi – you can get rid of the jittering by entering the same amt of text for each screenshot. temp fix i know. we’re fixing this issue in the next version.

  9. Last time there was a missing file. i think it was a .CSS file or something. please include next time ;)

  10. It’s a great easy to use template! I’d like to see the bug get fixed with the screenshots bouncing when you hover over them. Also, I’d like to see better spacing between the key features and the about sections, or maybe a separator bar. Lastly it would be cool to trade your ‘download from the app store’ image for the official Apple one.

  11. I think its a great idea, also being able to customize where each section of the theme can be placed ie) having the flexibility to move around the various parts of the theme within the page. Also when do you plan to launch the theme?

    • the theme will probably launch in 2022. kidding. i have no idea when it will launch but i’ll let you know! :)

  12. Please can the iTunes download buttons be changed as I am told that they need to be current Apple sanctioned ones?

    Also, is there a way for the screenshots to automatically rotate without the user needing to highlight each picture itself? Thanks

  13. One more thing, it would be great to have the ability to change the gaps / line spacing on the template to allow more info to show “above the fold”. Thanks!

  14. First off thanks for all the work on the plugin. It is pretty good. I hope you keep it a plugin as it works great to just add pages into my existing website theme. A feature request I hope you are working on is being able to use already existing pics and links for the “Other apps” section. Right now I have to upload a bunch of the same icons. Also any update on the new version?

  15. I just thought I would check to see if work on this has been killed off or if there is still something in the works. Hopefully you still have something planned.


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