Top sites for free Photoshop Brushes

What do you do when you’re looking for free Photoshop brushes?

Google? Me too :) Recently I realized I go through the exact same research process every time I’m looking for new brushes, rather than simply compiling all of the best resources in one place!

So this list is for both you and me, and it’s not just a list of what you find on Google, it’s a curated list of quality brushes and/or quality brush suppliers. And it’s not just a sampling of individual cool brushes, but a list that you can browse and find not just what others find cool, but what you may need for a specific project.

FudgeGraphics Brushes


The Shoreways Brushes





DeviantArt Brushes

Free Brushes


Want to add to the list?

Leave a comment with your favorite place to find Photoshop brushes.


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