This training includes 54 high-definiteion videos spread amongst 24 lessons. Below are details on what you will learn in each lesson.

Lesson 1 - Design takes Practice
In this lesson I'll give you an overview of what you're going to learn in this course.

Lesson 2 - What is a Landing Page
In this lesson we’ll take a look at what a landing page is, and what is NOT. We’ll discuss the reason for using landing pages and the benefits of using landing pages to sell products and services.

Lesson 3 - How Lean Startup relates to Landing Page Design
In this lesson we'll talk about how the Lean Startup methodology applies to your landing page design.

Lesson 4 - Examples of how to use the Validation Board
In this lesson we'll talk about how to use the validation board in landing page design.

Lesson 5 - Define your Target Audience Hypothesis
In this lesson we'll talk about how to define and test who we think the target audience is for our product or service.

Lesson 6 - Test your Hypothesis
In this lesson I'll show you how to test the hypothesis you defined for your target audience and their problem.

Lesson 7 - Target Audience and Traffic Source Harmon
In this lesson we'll talk about how to create a cohesive campaign tying your traffic source to your landing page

Lesson 8 - Traffic Harmony defined for the Craft Room
In this lesson we'll talk about how the traffic source is defined for our course example - the Craft Room.

Lesson 9 - Create your Sales Funnel
One of the most commonly overlooked steps in creating effective landing pages is examining your sales funnel. I this lesson we’ll discuss the benefits of defining a sales funnel and how to define one for your landing page.

Lesson 10 - Defining your Conversion Goal
In this lesson we'll talk about how to define your conversion goal for your landing page.

Lesson 11 - Craft Room Sales Funnel and Conversion Goal
In this lesson we'll talk about how the sales funnel and conversion goal is defined for the Craft Room.

Lesson 12 - Define your Metrics
Creating a landing page without knowing how you’ll measure success is useless. In this lesson we’ll discuss the various data you can analyze and compare, and tools you can use to collect your metrics.

Lesson 13 - Write your Headlines
Once you’ve established your audience pain points, and how you’ll address them with your product or service, it’s time to translate that scenario into headline options.

Lesson 14 - Define your Call to Action
Developing the ability to create a compelling call to action is a very important concept to master. In this lesson I’ll give you tips on how to craft a call to action that is clear, concise and attractive to your visitor

Lesson 15 - Write your Copy
Once you’ve defined your headline, CTA and media elements on your page, it is time to start crafting compelling body copy

Lesson 16 - Defining your Final Landing Page Content
In this lesson we'll talk about how to assemble the landing page copy and content you will use on your final landing page test.

Lesson 17 - Create Your Layout
You now have your copy and page elements – now it’s time to define where they should live on your page.

Lesson 18 - Define your Color Scheme
Color plays a huge role in leading a visitors eye around your landing page. In this lesson we’ll discuss how to use color to increase conversions.

Lesson 19 - Tour of Included Design Files
In this lesson we'll take a look at all of the design files that are included in this course.

Lesson 20 - Design your Landing Page
Finally it’s time to get into some real design! At this point you have all of your content nailed down, and it’s time to hop into Photoshop and make it look pretty

Lesson 21 - Usability Testing
Before your launch your final page, it’s a good idea to have someone test your page out to make sure they can accomplish the goals you’re after.

Lesson 22 - Split Testing
The whole point of creating a landing page is to measure and optimize for conversion. This is where split (a/b) testing comes into play.

Lesson 23 - Post Conversion User Experience
Many thing that once the user “converts” the job is done. In this lesson we’ll talk about how to continue engaging your customers/leads after they take action.

Lesson 24 - Landing Page Design Course – Conclusion
Please submit your landing page design for the student gallery!