About Design Boost

How do the Design Kits work?

Here is a high-level step by step explanation of how DesignBoost works.

Step 1

Purchase a course to learn a specific skill set or a 12-month membership that allows you access to all DesignBoost courses.

Step 2

View HD video training and complete assignments for each lesson that teach you to design your app or website – step by step.

Step 3

Customize the pre-designed, quick start Photoshop templates that are included in every course. Beginner-level Photoshop skills required.

Step 4

Launch your product! By the end of every DesignBoost course, you will have a finished design for your app, landing page or website.

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Increase your earning potential with DesignBoost.

What do the courses include?

You can waste a lot of time tracking down design templates and video tutorials scattered around the web. DesignBoost provides not only pixel-perfect design templates, but also valuable training on how to use the templates and create the look you want for your website or application.

What do the courses include?

Photoshop Design Templates

Every course includes pre-designed, pixel-perfect Photoshop templates that jump-start the design process for your app, landing page or website. They are designed to ensure a quality layout and final product design.

Step-by-step Assignments

The only way to guarantee you leave each course with a finished product in hand by giving you the right tools. Every course includes lesson assignments that require students to apply what they’ve learned directly to their design.

Video Training

The design templates and worksheets provide the means for creating your design, and the video training teaches students how to manipulate the templates and gain a better understanding of design fundamentals.

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You need to have a beginner-level knowledge of Photoshop.

Check out your alternatives.

Taking DesignBoost courses not only gives you a final product design at the end of each course, it saves you the expense of hiring a pro or taking classes at a design school.

DesignBoostHiring a ProUniversity or Design School
Comprehensive Design Training$ 449$10,000 +
Design an iPhone App Interface*$700 – 4,000
iOS Icon Set*$300 – 1,000
Landing Page*$700 – 3,000
Long-term ROI on design training
Completed product design

* prices vary depending on the complexity of the project

You don’t have to be a Photoshop guru to create great designs.

All you need to take DesignBoost courses is beginner-level Photoshop skills. DesignBoost’s learn-by-doing teaching philosophy enables students to quickly acquire and refine Photoshop skills. DesignBoost founder Jen Gordon observes that “by teaching students how to design real products, they are able to laser focus on their website or app idea. Learning Photoshop becomes a by-product of this process.” Look at some of the cool products DesignBoost students have created:

Treed by Cara Oba

Cara Oba, designer

Treed! Goal Mapping

“Our early prototypes of Treed used the DesignBoost icons heavily.  Also, we continue to use the PSD mockup tools to flush out new ideas and designs.  Currently, we’re using the “How to Make Your First iPhone App” PDF to hone our marketing, as well as plan our next app.”

IP Voiding Diary by Eric Prive

Eric Prive, entrepreneur

IP Voiding Diary

“DesignBoost made me even more aware that design in apps is crucial. Too many medical apps have a lousy design and with the high quality training and insights we got from DesignBoost we created our iP Voiding Diary.”

re:mark by Tac Leung

Tac Leung, developer


“I have designed, product managed and launched over 10 apps for clients using your design templates. I particulalry like how you give well executed ideas of how to skin applications so they look different than the standard iOS interface while retaining a sense of polish and sophistication.”

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Meet your instructor, Jen Gordon

Check out DesignBoost instructor Jen Gordon’s work on Mac Security ,Web Designer Magazine,
Smashing Magazine, MobileTUTS, Six Revisions, Stupid Apple Rumors and Computer Arts magazines.

Jen Gordon Author
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More details on what you get

DesignBoost training promises that at the end of each course, you leave with a finished design in hand. Here’s what else you can expect:

Earn Rewards

Earn Rewards

At the end of each course, you have an opportunity to earn rewards like additional design templates and discounts on valuable tools for your business. All you have to do is submit an image of the final design you created in your class to unlock the rewards!

Learn best by Example

Learn Best by Example

Studies show that a large majority of people learn best by example. At DesignBoost we take this idea a step further by not only teaching by using real-life examples, but also providing the tools and instruction on how to build your own product during the course. This is how we can guarantee at the end of each course you leave with a finished product in hand.

100% Online with Instant Access

100% Online with Instant Access

When you purchase a course or membership bundle,  you gain access to your course(s) videos, worksheets and design templates within seconds. Everything you need to learn is available online, so you can access your courses whenever you carve out time to learn.

Refine your Skillset

Refine your Skillset

Many DesignBoost students are professional designers and developers who want to “boost” their skill set, and offer their clients a wider variety of services. DesignBoost courses provide the professsional development needed that can result in more business and higher income earning potential.

Refine your Skillset

Speed up your Design Process

Many DesignBoost students are professional designers and developers who want to “boost” their skill set, and offer their clients a wider variety of services. DesignBoost courses provide the professsional development needed that can result in more business and higher income earning potential.

Regularly Updated Classes

Regularly Updated Classes

Although design fundamentals don’t change frequently, technology does. This is why we are committed to keeping all courses up to date with the latest specifications for all variety of devices, screen sizes, icon sizes – you name it. When there is a change or update that affects design, it’s our mission to have the latest assets available for DesignBoost students.

Refine your Skillset

All Courses are Self Paced

All of the courses on DesignBoost are taught using a combination of 1080p HD Video, worksheets and Photoshop design templates. You can download the videos to your desktop, or watch them online. You can pause, stop and rewind so you will never miss a single step of any course.

Refine your Skillset

No Studying or Tests

DesignBoost’s learn-by-doing model eliminates the need for testing and believes the true test of knowledge gained is shown in the quality of the final product produced.

100% Money Back Guarantee

100% Money Back Guarantee

If you’re not 100% happy with your course, just contact us before your first month has finished and we’ll refund your money. No questions asked.

Refine your Skillset

Learn from a Professional

DesignBoost lead instructor, Jen Gordon is skilled designer of interfaces for the web and mobile, and her number one goal with DesignBoost is to boost YOUR design skills.

Customer Support

Instructor Support

If you ever have questions about a lesson or have a lesson request, you instructor is just a click away. Course instructors are available to you via email or, look to see if they are online and available for chat in the course sidebar.

Fun and exciting

Boost your Career

DesignBoost teaches you how to design real projects, and gives you the tools to make your ideas a reality. Use the courses to amp up your skills for client work, or for starting your own entrepreneurial venture.

Customer Support

Pre-Designed Photoshop Templates

Why re-invent the wheel when you can use a pre-designed template as a foundation to get creative with your own design? DesignBoost provides pre-designed Photoshop templates specific to each course.