About DesignBoost

Hey y’all it’s me Jen Gordon – founder, designer and instructor here at DesignBoost.

What is DesignBoost?

If you’re wondering what DesignBoost is all about, it’s a collection of design courses that teach non-designers how to create a well designed, professional product (mobile app, landing page, website, blog etc). Most of my classes can be completed in 2-3 days.

Can I hire you?

Teaching design on DesignBoost is my full-time job. If you’re looking for design help for your project, click here for a list of trustworthy designers. If you’d like an hour or two of my time for design consultation, click here and tell me more about your project. If I can help, I will, or I’ll refer you to someone who can help!

Ye ‘Ol Background

My design career began at Yahoo! where I designed ad campaigns and splash pages for their Fortune 500 customers. I learned a lot from that experience, and designed my first mobile ad in 2003. I knew then that something big would happen on mobile. From Yahoo! I moved on to an 8 year freelance design career working for many Yahoo! clients, designing websites, landing pages, web apps and ad campaigns.

In 2009 I started writing about design insights and techniques for Smashing Magazine, MobileTUTS and other design magazines. People took an interest, so I started writing more, and then began creating training classes to teach others how to design mobile apps and landing pages. For the past two years I’ve been sharpening my skills as an instructor, doing my best to create only the highest quality courses.

My number one goal is to give “non-designers” step-by-step courses where they walk away with a complete and professionally designed digital product. I believe anyone can boost their design skills and create great looking products with the right tools and instruction!

Get a free design course to try out

  1. Video training on how to create a custom iPhone app design in less than 30 minutes
  2. Two (before &after) Photoshop iPhone app design templates
  3. iPhone screen specifications document

Yes, it's free.

Other Work

I keep my personal blog with silly stories and DIY craft project tutorials at I’ve also had the privilege of writing for some pretty awesome design magazines:

Smashing Magazine
Web Designer Magazine Feature
Web Designer Magazine Article
Six Revisions

Got a question? Who knows, I may have an answer. ;) Click here to send me a message.

Stay in Touch

If you haven’t already, you should follow me on Twitter. I try to stay on top of questions, but if I don’t respond right away, just fill in the contact form. I get emails immediately.