App Store Screenshot Desgn

These files are FREE, and in Adobe Photoshop format. You must have Photoshop CS3 or higher to work with these files. Please share this free resource with others before you download. Why? Because you’ll forget to share after you download like I always do. :P Thanks! jen :)

  • Easily create slick iPhone-esqe ads for your app.
    Simply hop into Photoshop and customize these templates and you're done!
  • Create dimension and visual interest.
    Use this template's blurred photo filter to create depth and dimension in your screenshot ads.
  • Futuristic and note-tastic themes.
    Go with this futuristic theme or a handwritten note look.
  • Call out your app's features.
    These two themes make it easy for your potential customers to understand the value your app offers.

Here’s a video tour of the files:

Files included

Want some design tips?

I wrote an article about iPhone App Screenshot design here you can check out that has a bunch of examples to get you inspired!