DesignBoost = cost-effective design training and long-term value.

DesignBoost is more than Photoshop design templates. It’s more than tutorials. It’s like enrolling in a fast-track design school. DesignBoost focuses on giving students the tools and knowledge to complete the class with a finished product design in hand.
Each course is carefully written and crafted give students the most important information about design in short, succinct lessons. Check out the comparison chart below to see how the cost of DesignBoost compares to other methods of achieving your goals.


  DesignBoost Hiring a Pro University or Design School
Comprehensive Design Training $ 249 $10,000 +
Design an iPhone App Interface* $700 – 4,000
iOS Icon Set* $300 – 1,000
Landing Page* $700 – 3,000
Long-term ROI on design training
Completed product design

*price depends on complexity of design