DesignBoost Instructor FAQ’s

Interested – or *think* you’re interested – in teaching a class on DesignBoost? Check out this FAQ below to get an idea of the:

  1. compensation
  2. commitment required
  3. process for creating and publishing courses on DesignBoost

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DesignBoost pays instructors 80% of all sales revenue generated for their course. So let’s say you have a course that sells for $80, and in a given month that course adds 20 new students. Your compensation for that month is $1280.
Payments are made on the 1st and 15th of every month.
All payments are made via Paypal. Instructors will not incur Paypal fees when receiving payment.
Any refunds that are requested are subtracted from the next payment that instructor receives.
You can certainly do it on your own. You can also waste a lot of time and money learning how to get traffic and sales. We here at DesignBoost have been through those growing pains and know what it takes to attract the right audience with the proper message, sales page copy and imagery. DesignBoost offers an automatic audience for your course, so you can focus on teaching, while we focus on selling.
This varys per topic. If you’re teaching someone how to design a single Twitter background, you may have just 10 lessons. If you’re teaching how to design a CMS system, you may have 50 lessons. The number of lessons is something we’ll discuss before you get started.
Once the course topic has been defined, we’ll sign an agreement that defines the course outline and deadlines. To keep everyone happy, reasonable deadlines are established. Bonus commission is awarded to instructors who complete their courses before the deadline.
All you need is a screen recording software that will allow  you to record your on-screen movements and voice. I use ScreenFlow but you can use whatever program you prefer. The only requirement is to record the lessons at a HD resolution.

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