DesignBoost Students

Are you wondering if DesignBoost is right for you? Many of my students write to me after taking a course to say thanks and share what they’ve learned and things they have designed. Maybe their stories will give you a better idea of how DesignBoost can help you too!


Kevin Horgan, Balanced Code
Ingelheim, Germany

“DesignBoost has been a great investment both for the graphical resources and the tutorials. Being strong on the software side of design but relatively new to the visual side, I have found DesignBoost an excellent resource to build both a coherent visual design but also to add a professional polish to our work. Thank you so much Jen for this great resource.”

Jonathan Firestone, User Experience Advocate
Ashburn, Virginia

“I keep coming back to Jen for great art, icons, solid knowledge and everything else DesignBoost now provides. DesignBoost is helping me be deliver the quality my customers appreciate. This is my new go-to resource for clean, crisp design resources!”

Scott Klender, User Experience Designer
“DesignBoost has been invaluable with both making quick app mockups and learning clever Photoshop techniques with the layered Photoshop files. Everything is so well organized. I especially appreciate how Jen continues to update the kit and is quick to respond to questions.”

Terry Patterson, Web Designer
Lafayette, Indiana

“You have been an inspiration as I move into this adventure.”

Thomas Heinrichsdobler, DemiCloud
Passau, Germany

“Hi Jen, thank you so much, this is beyond awesome! I’m very grateful of this, you just made my life as an upcoming mobile app developer a whole lot easier. Please excuse me while I go exploring all of DesignBoost :) Again, thank you!”

Nic Gibbens, PaperKite
Wellington, NZ

“Many thanks Jen and just to let you know that the starter kit has been a great help so far. I used the icon tools to create the logo for an accounting app for a client and they are really pleased with the results which is great given I’m not a desinger! Thanks again, Nic”

Paul Feher, Designer
Munich, Germany

“Jen you are amazing. :) Thank you for all the great stuff you’re doing for the developer and designer community. Have a nice day and go on. The stuff is great!!!”

Josh Jensen, ROAR
Alpharetta, GA

“The DesignBoost training has been an invaluable investment for me. Even as a seasoned mobile developer, I find myself opening up the tutorials and style guides for a quick refresher on best practices, styles, and screen sizes. The themes and graphic assets have been a huge time saver as well. The graphics alone have saved my company thousands of dollars in design time and resources.”

T. Price, Tampa Bay Online
Tampa, Florida

“Let me just say thank you for the courses! It’s stuffed the brim with tasty goodness!”

Danae Sommers, Milk Creative Studios
Grand Rapids, MI

“Thanks so much, Jen! I’m so excited to have found this amazing resource! I’m a graphic designer who’s just getting started in the App department and I can’t tell you how much it helps to have such a great powerhouse of information on my side. It’s amazing how silent everyone is in the creative industry on HOW to get started designing the actual graphic user interface so thank you, thank you, thank you!”

James Gupta, Developer
“Really love the site by the way Jen, you’ve managed to strike a perfect balance between professionalism and and having that ‘personal’ touch.”

David Weinstein, Creative Director
“I’ve used the original resources quite a bit and they’ve saved me tons of time. Great work!”

Kurt, Developer
“I am excited about using some of the assets, as they will work perfect in the apps that I am creating.”

Peter F, Developer
“I’m looking forward to work with your templates and learning design tips and tricks … to give my apps that extra “bling & pazazz” ;-)”

Alex Curelea, Developer
Toronto, Canada

“I hate working on ugly apps, so I may as well try to pick up a bit of design :)”