iPhone App Design Templates

These iPhone app design templates are FREE.

Please share this free resource with others before you download. Why? Because you’ll forget to share after you download like I always do. :P Thanks! jen :)

You won’t find another iPhone design template floating around on the web that saves you more time than this one. All UI elements are already sized properly for both 1st Gen and Retina screens. 95% of the UI elements in the Photoshop files are vector shape layers, which allow you to resize images without losing image quality.

Quickly build the foundation for your iPhone design using the status bars, tab bars, and navigation elements included in the template.

iphone app template organized layers

There are lots of GUI elements grouped within each main layer group. Be sure to click within the groups to see everything that’s included.

iPhone app template pixel perfect

Each element has been tweaked for pixel-perfect goodness.

Example of one of the custom tab bars.

In addition to standard GUI elements, I’ve got some custom design elements you can use to inspire your own custom design.

iPhone App Template Download